By Estefanía Leyva · Mexico City, Mexico


Umbral is a type family developed for theatre, literary, and dramaturgical texts, inspired by the life and work of Mexican writer and playwright, Elena Garro. With a warm voice and strong convictions, this typeface can bring any text to life. It is ideal for long-form reading and it remains legible even in small sizes and dimly lit rehearsal rooms. Although currently consisting of four weights and an italic, Umbral is still a work in progress.

About Estefanía Leyva

Estefanía is a Mexican graphic designer with a deep passion for letters and editorial design. She has worked on various cultural projects in Mexico and is particularly interested in how design and typography can influence and enhance experiences. An aspiring type designer, she's constantly exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of traditional design practices. In addition to her design work, she is also a dedicated educator, teaching typography and other design workshops to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

UMBRAL. A type family for theatre
Image and bio of Elena Garro. ELENA GARRO (1916-1998) was a highly significant figure in Mexican dramaturgy, renowned for her poignant exploration of the concepts of time and death.
Different weights of Umbral. Upper and lower case letters, numbers of Regular and Extrabold
Type Specimen of Umbral in different styles and sizes
Characteristics of Umbral
Some diacritcs, punctuation signs in spanish
How the family works together, different weights in use
Some characters of Umbral
Umbral in use in a theatre play
Umbral in use in a novel