By Camille Jen-Mei Gwise · San Francisco, California, USA


Score is a soft and warm family with musical details. Inspired by historical and experimental music notation, the design is also informed by my own experiences playing piano and learning to read sheet music. Score is a workhorse serif that functions well at small sizes but delivers plenty of personality when set large!

About Camille Jen-Mei Gwise

Camille Jen-Mei Gwise is a graphic designer born and based in the Bay Area. Her still-developing practice involves experimenting with analog techniques, type design, and risograph printing in the service of image-making. She draws inspiration from creative pursuits outside of graphic design, such as movement and fiber arts.

Cover image for Score, a notation inspired family.
A collage of different glyphs from Score.
An overview of each style in the typeface, Score.
A diagram that correlates the details in the typeface with different musical symbols.
Different musical words set in Score regular and Score italic.
Paragrams describing Silence by John Cage, set in Score.
Clair de lune.
In-use examples of Score
Editorial spread set with Score.
In-use examples of Score.