By Emily Klaebe · Portland, Oregon, USA


Francine is a text family of four weights, one italic style, and one geometric style. The family aims to blend foundations of the old-style genre with influences of rounded traits found in geometric display families.

About Emily Klaebe

Emily Klaebe is a graphic and type designer based in Portland, Oregon of the Pacific Northwest. Relying on the principles of systems thinking, she designs typefaces and brand identities that are founded in thorough research and strategic thinking.

Overview of Francine’s weights and styles.
Relationship between old-style and geometric reference material.
The proportional relationship of Francine’s styles.
Weight distribution of Francine’s styles.
Extended punctuation in Francine’s styles.
Francine in A-Z through weights and styles.
Francine characteristics and messaging.
Outline of Francine’s blackest weight.
Ligatures and key characters in Francine.
Francine characteristics and messaging.