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By Joshua Michael Diaz · San Francisco, USA


While completing Type West, my goal was to challenge myself by breaking away from some of my standard type design practices. I aimed to design my very first script typeface, drawing inspiration from the chunky letterform designs of the 1970s. I desired a multi-weight font that varied its weights based on the ascending or descending bottoms. This restraint helped create an infectious energy and pulsating rhythm across the letters, elevating Undertone as an excellent display face.

Featuring a thin, light, and regular weight, Undertone adapts seamlessly to various design situations, making it ideal for advertising, headlines, logos, posters, signage, and more.

About Joshua Michael Diaz

Joshua Michael Diaz is a type designer and lettering artist based in San Francisco, California. He operates an independent type foundry, The Type Fella, offering typefaces and typography-inspired goods inspired by the past.