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By Beto López Tristán · Guadalajara, México


Tbd-Sinew is the result of discovery and definition through the learning process. Ever evolving its formal expression through the exploration of its possibilities and the systematization of its features.

Started as an exploration on opposites and the balancing of its tensions—informed by classical forms and the influence of contemporary processes and tools in them—resulted in a font that expresses this through fast curves intersected with straight lines and sharp angles.

Intended for text setting—with its large x-height and slightly narrow proportions—but with a willingness to showoff its graphical features at large sizes.

About Beto López Tristán

Beto López Tristán is a brand designer by profession, a type enthusiast for almost 20 years, and a professional taco explorer since his teeth came out. He lives in Guadalajara, Mexico. Equally and intensely interested in a collection of serious and silly subjects. Constantly curious about human expression and the part it plays in defining history and cultural movements. And puppies.