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By Gloria Boadwee · San Francisco, USA


Cubey is a typeface originally inspired by the 1960s-70s Fillmore posters. The poster designs were organic, unique, and filled with personality in a way that we have lost with the popularity of The International Style. The artist’s hand is more visible. It feels like someone put their personality and imagination into the type, similar to the bespoke furniture or crocheted cardigans that have become so popular. Cubey is a new typeface that remembers the lettering of The Fillmore posters, but has its own personality. It looks forward to a cultural change, where hand made design is cherished and celebrated. I decided to make a black and oblique as my second and third fonts because they are the most useful. I created Cubey Thin to use along with the other three and fill in the gaps that display fonts can’t. The other three are all caps and do not work at small sizes. Thin gave me a chance to create a more “normal” font that I could use in my process book for the text sections.

About Gloria Boadwee

I graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design and currently work as a Marketing Coordinator. I enjoy publication design, poster design, hand lettering, and printmaking. I’m passionate about environmental sustainability, preserving the art of the book, and supporting independent artists and small businesses.