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By Rong Xiang · New York, USA


Calvin is a warm and friendly typeface inspired by Bill Watterson’s classic comic Calvin and Hobbes. It’s a hodgepodge of the ideas and influences from some of my most favorite typographic references – Cheltenham, Cooper, The New Yorker masthead – combined into a set of charming forms complete with generous proportions, rounded serifs, ball terminals, and curly tails. Safe for use in your next brand typeface or children’s book.

About Rong Xiang

Rong is a New York-based designer specializing in brand identities, interactive design, and type. She strives for thoughtful and robust creative solutions that balance clarity and delight. Rong is currently a design lead driving elevated shopping experiences on Google Search. Before that, she designed identities at Smith & Diction. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.