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By Allie Schmitz · Seattle, USA


Aldegra is a comfortable type family rooted in the materiality of Bauhaus tubular steel furniture. With inspiration from his steel Alder bicycle, Marcel Breuer, Bauhaus student and eventually professor, designed the Wassilly chair using tubular steel. The usage of a material with considerable strength and malleability, combines geometric forms and organic response, resulting in a tactile conversation between person and object, facilitated by material. Aldegra also expresses these properties by keeping a low center of gravity and exploring tension, especially at tangential points. Aldegra is best suited for larger display usages, including titles, headlines, and oversized copy. Both tubular steel lounge chairs, and Aldegra, are made for human use, interaction, and enjoyment.

About Allie Schmitz

Allie Schmitz is a graphic designer focused in systems thinking across brand identity, creative processes, lettering, and type design. Allie’s type practice is rooted in an appreciation for form, rhythm, and interdisciplinary inspiration. She recently relocated from New York to Seattle, WA with her husband and cat, and intends to release custom type projects in the future, while continuing systems related graphic design work.