By Tatiana López · El Salvador


Torogoz is a text typeface inspired by the angular and square shapes from the national bird of El Salvador. These shapes are translated in wedge serifs with some old style features. It can be used in small text, for digital and print magazines that use column-based styling and continuous body text with 12/16 pt for screen, 8 pt for print editions.

About Tatiana López

Graphic and lettering designer from El Salvador.

Cover with main title of the project with letters with gradient colors.
Left side: Name of the typeface in 4 different weights. Right side: Pencil sketches and two pictures of the bird Torogoz in black and white.
Black text on gray background describing the text typeface.
Black and white text on green a green background describing about spacing issues.
White text and green text on black background
White, green, sky blue and orange text of letter sequences on black background.
Black full character set text on white background.