By Leandro Senna · San Francisco, California, USA


Sprout22 is a work in progress crafted through sketches and transformed into a typeface family through new typographic discoveries and conversations with instructors and friends @TypeWest22. This fun Translation Display Family, draws inspiration from the expressive organic qualities of brush & hand lettering, with angled stress and high to moderate contrast. Its sharp and elongated serifs create natural/forced ligatures. Some letters just like to stay closer to other ones. * Sprout22 is the new growth, like my first font. A temporary name until it flourishes.

About Leandro Senna

Leandro Senna is an independent Creative, Designer, and Artist. Originally from Brazil, Senna now calls San Francisco home. In love with type and with over 20 years of experience, Senna has worked at JKR and Apple, where he helped craft a wide range of projects, from branding and packaging to advertising and digital design — everything with letters on it.

This is a cover, black Background and White Type, it says Leandro Senna/TypeWest22 and Sprout22 which is the temporary name for this typeface family. In the center, there is a white flower constructed with some of the glyphs (& v I and V A)
white background, black Sprout22 Display Thin typesetting with Random Words
white background, black Sprout22 Display Regular typesetting with Random Words
white background, black Sprout22 Display Black typesetting with Random Words
white background, black Sprout22 with full character set for the 3 weights
white background, 3 Sprout Black A's with different accents in black color
suggestion of usage for the font. It says Headlines with a newspaper illustration on the side AND also another suggestion for usage on Book Covers, with an Book illustration on the side
Usage Suggestions. Album Covers and Music Festival posters.
Black Background, White Sprout Display Black saying Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso, suggesting usage as Title Design for Videos
Red background, Black type image to finish the feature. it says Typewest22/LetterformArchive/SF/LeandroSenna/Sprout22