Santo Domingo

By Agustín Guzmán Chispan · Veracruz, México

Santo Domingo

A stone-carved sign located in Puerto de Veracruz historical district announcing an old hotel called Santo Domingo is the origin of this typeface. The font started as an attempt to develop a complete typographic system inspired by the sign, but the limitations shown by the letterforms made the project take a detour. This typeface ended up being its own thing taking the sign as a starting point. Due to its “vernacular” and “crafted” origins, the letterforms that make this font are traditional in it’s own way producing a versatile and original type family intended for display use but useful for medium size texts.

About Agustín Guzmán Chispan

I was born in Veracruz, Mexico. Wanting to become an illustrator, I moved to Mexico City just to discover branding and typography during college. Those two things have been my main activity as a graphic designer since founding a branding studio in 2020 called Fiera Estudio in my hometown. I've always been interested in vernacular and historic graphic design, and I feel lucky to have been born in a place where I can be surrounded by examples of both daily. When I'm not designing, I enjoy going to the beach, watching movies, and playing soccer.

Original sign founded in downtown Veracruz.
Testing diferent font sizes.
Core style and bold version
Santo Domingo rebranded