By David Sargent · Brisbane, Australia


Inspired by the enigmatic platypus, Platypi blends unexpected features with conventional approaches. Dramatically tapered strokes and sheared serifs combine with smooth curves and traditional proportions to achieve a functional text typeface with a unique and distinctive visual rhythm. Heavier weights push this tension further with increased tapering and overall contrast. Platypi comes in multiple weights from Regular to Black, alongside a Regular Italic style. This project is dedicated to the memory of Donald Welch, an educator and colleague who significantly influenced my design practice and how I see the world.

About David Sargent

David Sargent is Creative Director of Liveworm, an award-winning design incubator within the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia. As a designer, artist, and researcher, David is interested in how creative design practice can entertain, engage, communicate, and spark social change.

Title image for Platypi
“Platypi” is commonly used as the plural of platypus, even though this term is technically incorrect.
A waterfall of words displaying different weights of Platypi
A demonstration of Platypi in a sample text layout
European scientists were initially confused by the unique features of the platypus. Some suspected it was a hoax.
A demonstration of diacritics included in Platypi
A waterfall of words displaying different weights of Platypi
A complete character set of Platypi Regular
A selection of glyphs arranged in a checkerboard style