By Ry Sunday Faraola · Oakland, California, USA


Mai is a typeface inspired by the posters of the Atelier Populaire, a french poster collective from the May 1968 movement. Designed in three weights — Ultrabold, Medium, and Thin — Mai is a display face, best used in large formats. Designed with manual print processes in mind, it works well both trapped in color or printed black on a blank sheet of paper. With a focus on visual communication, Mai is designed to be read from a distance as well as up close, with its main focus being clarity.

About Ry Sunday Faraola

Ry Sunday Faraola is a Bay Area based Graphic Designer and printmaker. His work is inspired by the imagery of labor movements, such as the IWW, drawing heavily on vernacular design stylings, from sign painting to vintage packaging. His prints address such issues as workers’ rights, the housing crisis, and land access, often invoking hallmarks of California pageantry.

Mockup of poster for May Day using Mai Font
Mockup of magazine called Reklame about the type philosophy of El Lissitzky.
Mockup of Rolling Stones and Gil Scott Heron Albums
Poster reading "Low Wages Heavy Tanks
Poster reads Maersk, Evergreen, MSC, CMA CGM, HMM, ONE, Cosco, Zim, Yang Ming and Hapag-LLoyd
Poster "Reading Seamen & Teamsters refuse to Move Scab Cargoes I.L.A. 3099