Lady Somerset

By Bree Rice · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Lady Somerset

Lady Somerset is a dainty, modern interpretation of stone carved type originally found on a memory marker in Bath Abbey. The smooth ball terminals and sharp symmetrical, serifs are meant to make it more modern, playful, and fun, while still being a comfortable and readable text typeface. The name is a cheeky homage to the town where this typeface was inspired which is also where the show Bridgerton is filmed. Lady Somerset was originally designed to be used on travel brochures. The expanded family’s intent is so that the entire travel brochure - the headlines, sub heads, and body text can all be used so that the pieces are beautiful, functional, and readable.

About Bree Rice

Designer, marketer, and chips and salsa aficionado living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bree specializes in brand collateral and standards, signage, and print, but also has a strong passion for letters. When she’s not working, you can find her swimming, traveling, or hanging out with her husband and their Australian Shepherds.

Lady Somerset title image. Lady Somerset a variable text typeface with 3 weights, 2 styles & language support. Text type about Bath, UK running in the background.
Styles Lady Somerset is available in: Black, Bold, Regular, and Italic
Lady Somerset's weights currently range from regular to black and also feature an italic style. The letter n in each style is displayed.
Smooth ball terminals & sharp symmetrical serifs. The word dry is overlaid in the background to show the terminals and serifs in action.
A text waterfall of words: Tourist, Pinning, Castles, Utopias, Atlases, Success, Genetic, Marker, Shipped, Dissuade, Navigate, Pureness, Confront, Seducing, Caseload, Chancier, Postured, Gleefully
All of the characters in the regular character set
Miscellaneous characters surrounding the words, "Inspired by History, elegant but cheeky, dainty & Modern
A-Z upper and lowercase and numerals in the regular, bold, black, and italic
A Travel Brochure about the Roman Baths set in Lady Somerset.
A wedding invitation using Lady Somerset