By Zofia Bugajewska · San Francisco, California, USA


Keres is a serif type family that was intentionally created to not be friendly. It’s optimized to be set in small sizes but offers a lot of character when you look closely. The family includes 4 static weights, an italic, and a variable version with a weight axis with further plans to include weight axis in Italic and bringing back a highly flourished display style. If you want to use Keres to engrave tombstones, please contact me and I’ll provide a free license.

About Zofia Bugajewska

Zofia Bugajewska is a graphic designer freelancing from San Francisco, who would love to do nothing else professionally than designing type.

sample text set in Keres font on gray background
sample text composition with large dagger character ovarlayed
sample phrases set in Keres font
sample text composition with large double dagger character ovarlayed
grid filled with sample glyphs
animated gif showing changing weight of Keres fonts
example of a page set small point of Keres Regular
short samples of text, punctuation and special characters
sample phrases in blue on black background
suggested uses of a typeface on zine pages