By John David Maza · Iloilo, Philippines


Taking flight from one of the rarest hornbills on Earth endemic to the Western Visayas region in the Philippines, Dulungan is a typeface characterized by an asymmetrical movement of the brush, further defined by the distinctive shape of the beak of its namesake bird.

About John David Maza

John David Maza is an independent type designer based in Iloilo, Philippines, developing Latin and Baybayin fonts and exploring what more type design can look like in the Philippines' context.

Dulungan is a type family for text composed of regular and bolder weights, plus italic and monospaced styles.
The construction of the letterforms comes from a natural movement of the brush that creates asymmetrical serifs, which is further defined using the distinctive shape of the hornbill’s sharp beak with a blunt casque attached on top.
From brushy letterforms that are bouncy and nimble, to a sharper, reserved yet persevering text face, this is how Dulungan has evolved throughout the Type West program.
The italic lowercase glyphs are drastically redrawn from the roman, incorporating the brush twists and flicks from the first drawings.
The difference in width of the lowercase ‘m’ across styles
An overview of the Dulungan's character set