By Ben Zotto · San Francisco, California, USA


A casual sans-serif for work and play, Deflection is a semi-serious family embracing a groovy, throwback attitude. Deflection is inspired by the photo lettering creativity of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the shapes of classic cathode ray tubes. Deflection’s Regular weight is light on the page, tempering playfulness with a quiet grace, especially in all caps. The typeface’s personality is amplified in the Chunky style, with more of everything: more weight, more funk, more of that retro feel. With the Bold Squished variant, you get a dense and jaunty condensed that fits into (or across) tighter spots.

About Ben Zotto

Ben is a researcher, historian and writer focusing on design, technology and San Francisco. His career has spanned software engineering for the Xbox 360 console; creation of the iPad handwriting ink app "Penultimate"; and the publication of Fog City Gothic, a revival typeface based on midcentury street signage. He is currently working on a book about an obscure early microcomputer, the Sphere. Ben is a proud sponsor of Unicode's spaghetti emoji character.

Coffee table book next to a coffee mug on a table
Text sample and alphabet for Deflection Regular style
A reimagined vintage ski tourism poster
Text sample and alphabet for Deflection Chunky style
Imagined vintage advertisement for computer terminals
Text sample and alphabet for Deflection Bold Squished style
Tiki Bar sample menu