By Ana Michel · Cochabamba, Bolivia


Alasitas Font Family was designed by Ana Michel. Alasitas contains 6 styles. The inspiration behind Alasitas comes from the variety of shapes, materials and sizes of the small methaphorical figures at Alasitas fair in Bolivia Alasitas is a serif typeface with some contrast and mixed serifs, composed of 5 weights that range from Regular to Black version plus italics, with a total of 6 fonts. Alasitas is intended to work perfectly for small text sizes in books, magazines, and any tinny support.

About Ana Michel

Ana Michel has a degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad Privada Boliviana, Cochabamba- Bolivia. Also a Diploma in Higher Education based on competencies and the Diploma in Research for Education, both at the Bolivian Catholic University. She has worked in ad agencies in the cities of Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz as graphic designer and art director. She has experience and skills to work on visual communication projects, editorial design and illustration, advertising campaigns and management of corporate image projects. Since 2013 she began to learn her way through lettering, calligraphy and typography in a self-taught way. Later on, she dove deeper into Type Design, being a student in speciality programs as Type Paris 2019, Display Type Design Class 2020 at Type@Cooper, and currently in Type West Online program at Letterform Archive. Currently she owns her own design studio and teaches Typography 1 -2 in UPB, Cochabamba Bolivia.

Cover and description of Alasitas
Alasitas styles in use
Alasitas Font family
Alasitas Regular character set
Alasitas Bold character set
Alasitas Italic character set
Alasitas styles applied in text blocks
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