By Jessica Kao · Los Angeles, California, USA


Acquaintance is a text family that includes five styles: Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Bold, and Black. It is inspired by grotesque type, infused with calligraphy, and designed for contemporary readers to enjoy their time reading. The type family creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere, as well as a rhythmic low-contrast texture. Meanwhile, it remains highly legible at smaller point size, suitable for setting large text passages of any subject. Depending on the intent and typography, Acquaintance’s dual characteristics of softness/casualness and angularity/formality can coexist in harmony, or be emphasized one way or the other. This provides designers abundant possibilities and a spectrum of expressions to explore in their design.

About Jessica Kao

Jessica Kao is an art director, designer, researcher, and educator interested in a practice across disciplines. She designs with a holistic approach, while at the same time bringing a unique perspective to projects. Whenever she can, she speculates and blends in whimsy! Currently sun-baked in Los Angeles, Jessica has worked internationally and locally in collaboration with a diversity of clients. Please email her at to inquire about her work or simply to share a conversation.

Acquaintance Text Family
Acquaintance Text Family Concept
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Acquaintance Typeface In Use
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