designed by Nathan Goldman

The word “Apizza” is the Campanian dialectal word that translates to “the pizza”.

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Equally at home in your favorite childhood pizza parlor or an establishment with classier fare, Parlor pays homage to 1970s fast food culture, but beyond the surface its historical roots are in Victorian Era wood type specimens.

As for the construction of Parlor, one less expected attribute is its translation contrast, revealing a pen angle not as common among its peers. Parlor plays up some of its Victorian influences with its condensed display face and concave stems, while also leaning into its translation pen angle, like a more casual version of Lydian.

Original type cooker recipe and its evolution.

Parlor got its start as a bold condensed display face, with the display italic and text roman coming later. Intended for use in mostly large, bold applications, the italic serves to add emphasis and a bit more personality with its swash caps, while the text face is the workhorse of the family, bringing usability at small sizes.

Designed by Nathan Goldman

Nathan Goldman was initially drawn to the world of graphic design as a child, learning from his aunt who worked as a brand and textile designer. He eventually went on to graduate from the University of Southern California’s School of Film & Television with an emphasis in art direction, and went on to work in the art department at Warner Bros. Television. Prior to joining DKNG as a full-time Creative Director, Nathan served as Director of Design at the USC Design Studio. Today Nathan heads up the graphic design wing of DKNG. Nathan also has a passion for typography that comes in handy for the team’s lettering and branding projects.