designed by Jess Smith

Metrical is an unexpected family unified by the use of broad nibbed tools that offers up the choice between subtle calligraphic roman and a full-on gestural brush stroke.

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The Metrical family is packaged as an unconventional font pairing that is dynamic yet grounded. With a current choice of three styles, use them separately for something classic, or use them together for something unexpected. The Roman is a modest translation construction that alludes to the broad nibbed pen while keeping its composure. The Brush is expressive and doesn’t hold back on the hand’s natural tendencies. Whether applying this family to wedding invitation or a xeroxed rave flyer, the result is a unique mix of elegance and fun.

Designed by Jess Smith

I’m an illustrator/designer in San Francisco. I grew up in West Palm Beach Florida where I missed out on the concept of winter. I spent a lot of time at the beach and listening to music. I’ve been drawing since I can remember, and now I design anything from illustrative band posters to corporate identity. I also create weird underwater art.